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Thanks very much. It always surprises me how much you can improve even a small text.

Professor, Earth Science and Engineering

Thank you for returning the manuscript with your comments. I have quickly scanned through it now, and you really have done a thorough revision and provided excellent comments. We will go through the corrections and comments one by one, and get back to you if questions come up. Once again thank you for your help with the manuscript, much appreciated!

Assistant professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Thank you so much for the truly outstanding job you did, your suggestions really helped me improve some critical parts of the manuscript.

PhD candidate, Applied Mathematics and Computational Science

I just finished reading your corrections and I agree and understand all of your adjustments. Thanks for pointing out whenever we were not clear! This is very helpful! Once more – thank you for SUPER-AMAZING help! Every time I read the correction I learn new things!

Postdoctoral researcher, Biological and Environmental Sciences and Engineering

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